Here's a reference post to demonstrate different formatting options. Let's dive in! (The first paragraph of text will automatically be displayed with a larger font.)

Headlines: on the homepage or any other page with a list of posts, headlines will be cut off around 65 characters (but not but won't be the permalink page). We're doing this to encourage more succinct post titles.

This is an H2 headline

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus scelerisque luctus eleifend. Vivamus a convallis mi. Phasellus a euismod dui. Maecenas tempor, libero ac eleifend laoreet, mi lectus adipiscing risus, ac pharetra nibh mi quis ante. Morbi nisi turpis, fermentum eu blandit quis, placerat in orci. Sed tempus tellus sit amet massa dapibus accumsan.

This is an H3 headline

Nulla id velit mi, et consequat nulla. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Quisque vel aliquam orci. Aliquam dignissim convallis dictum. Donec tincidunt venenatis nisl vel tristique.


This is an H4 headline

Donec viverra mauris quis metus tempus bibendum. Maecenas mattis arcu et tellus aliquet ornare. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus.

This is an H5 headline

Nullam sollicitudin ipsum vitae lectus tempus placerat. Nunc quis turpis laoreet metus dapibus tincidunt. Cras nec nibh eget ipsum lacinia eleifend. Praesent accumsan mi non quam auctor blandit. Etiam et dui justo, in mattis risus. Mauris a ipsum id dolor accumsan placerat.


This is an H6 headline:

Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Nullam id dui a elit lacinia lobortis id in risus. Integer ultrices lacinia urna. Donec diam mi, vestibulum vitae mollis vel, lobortis vitae velit. Fusce condimentum tortor eu dui feugiat eget scelerisque leo blandit.

When you reference a post on Kinja, an inset will pop up next to the paragraph that contains the link =========>.


If you create a paragraph with two references to other stories on the Kinja network, the inset spans the full width of the column and looks like this:

This is some bold text.

Here is some italics text.

To create strikethrough text, use the del tag.

Here is some small text. Use the small tag.

Here is a blockquote. Quisque vel aliquam orci. Aliquam dignissim convallis dictum. Donec tincidunt venenatis nisl vel tristique. Pellentesque mi eros, interdum ultricies egestas in, porttitor et dolor. Donec justo lectus, rutrum a euismod at, lobortis hendrerit odio.Nick Denton (cite tag)


Curabitur varius pulvinar dui, ac pretium ante pellentesque ut. Nam fringilla egestas nisl, fermentum tempor tortor scelerisque at. Aenean consequat pharetra ligula at hendrerit. Vestibulum sit amet arcu arcu. Proin sit amet tellus vitae augue vestibulum bibendum ut id est.

This is a bulleted list:

  • Walnuts
  • Cashews
  • Pistachios
  • Almonds
  • Coffee (nested list)
  • Espresso
  • Latte
  • Americano

Cras purus ante, accumsan eu pellentesque a, volutpat sed elit. Mauris et justo a mi bibendum dapibus. Maecenas tincidunt, diam sagittis tristique consectetur, lorem nulla pulvinar dui, quis iaculis dui purus in leo. Nullam in massa lorem.


This is a numbered list:

  1. First
  2. Second
  3. Third
  4. Fourth
  5. Fifth

Fusce non est quis mi feugiat consequat. Sed enim velit, hendrerit a tempus at, hendrerit ut nisl. Suspendisse potenti. Praesent ligula nibh, consectetur sit amet tempus eget, placerat sit amet leo. Vestibulum lobortis rutrum nunc, nec luctus lorem malesuada non.


This is an hr:

Phasellus nec lectus ante, eget imperdiet ante. Phasellus condimentum interdum est, ac tempor quam malesuada eu. Donec consequat ipsum ut lacus posuere rhoncus. Proin urna nisi, cursus vel pharetra non, viverra a mauris. Suspendisse suscipit lacus quis nunc suscipit at facilisis odio iaculis.


To create a code block, use the pre tag. We're working on getting code working correctly.

class HelloWorld def initialize(name) @name = name.capitalize end def sayHi puts "Hello #{@name}!" end end hello ="World") hello.sayHi

Aenean suscipit nulla ut ligula interdum vitae suscipit quam facilisis. Aenean varius arcu a erat egestas eget tristique felis consectetur. Nunc malesuada ornare fringilla. Mauris nec arcu at odio bibendum vulputate. Morbi venenatis odio quam, vel venenatis orci. Nullam ac mattis tellus. Maecenas condimentum nisi et felis mattis ac rhoncus orci elementum. Etiam tincidunt risus vitae velit rutrum tempor. Phasellus vitae justo et magna egestas ornare sit amet et leo.


Here are some image layout examples. The original size of each image is noted with the text on the image.

If the first image in a post is 970px or wider, then the image will appear above the headline, like in this post.


Portrait images that are narrower than 636px will be resized to 300px wide and left-aligned. Text will wrap up and around them.

Aliquam aliquet elit dignissim urna convallis consequat. Aliquam ullamcorper pellentesque turpis, quis pharetra nisl feugiat et. Proin consequat, nibh sed consequat rhoncus, augue elit viverra augue, a aliquet dui sem ac sapien. Cras erat nulla, dictum eget aliquam ut, dapibus vel turpis. Nulla ultrices metus scelerisque dui tempor pharetra. Vestibulum id elit vel elit cursus sodales.

Cras nunc massa, condimentum sit amet scelerisque vitae, bibendum in diam. Duis imperdiet placerat ante quis tempus. Morbi rutrum, elit at porttitor ultricies, ligula nisl sollicitudin ipsum, sit amet adipiscing tortor turpis non nunc. Praesent dictum lectus ultrices metus iaculis accumsan. Mauris euismod pharetra mi quis tristique.Vivamus dapibus augue ut elit adipiscing at tempor augue congue. Mauris nisl nisl, dapibus eget faucibus sit amet, porttitor at felis. Quisque egestas diam sit amet metus consectetur tempus. Sed venenatis sollicitudin elit, ut sodales diam convallis in. Nunc in tellus justo.


Images wider than 300px but narrower than 636px will be resized to 300px wide and left-aligned.

Sed sit amet arcu risus, sed condimentum elit. Curabitur luctus purus eget elit viverra dignissim. Praesent venenatis fringilla iaculis. Proin a neque ipsum. Vivamus euismod lorem et ipsum bibendum id vulputate lectus tristique. Morbi iaculis pulvinar porta. Integer lacinia, leo quis egestas ultricies, lacus orci hendrerit elit, et placerat orci sem eu leo. Nulla quis hendrerit tortor. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Cras quam risus, venenatis nec placerat ut, consequat non odio.


Images that are 636px wide or greater will appear 636px wide (the full width of the text column).

Nam at nisl mattis diam facilisis vulputate. Sed bibendum quam vel lectus accumsan bibendum. Nam pellentesque, sapien tempor pulvinar molestie, lorem mauris condimentum ligula, at consequat quam justo vitae eros.


Examples of Embedded Content:

Add a Youtube video by adding the URL the post content (or by adding the embed code to the HTML view of the post):

Add a Vimeo video by URL:


Embed tweets by inserting tweet embed code (available on in the HTML view of the post:

You can embed Polldaddy polls by adding the URL of the poll:


To add sounds files, try Soundcloud. Just add the embed code via HTML view:

You can also add embeds from other sources. (However, not *all* sources will embed right now, we're working to accept as many sources as possible.) Hulu:


Ok, here's the end of this post. If you have any comments or questions, let us know below or send a request to our help desk.